Mrs. Miller

Hi, my name is Jennifer Miller and I am the Principal at Sherman Elementary. I have been a Gator since 2010!  My sole goal is to do what is right for kids. I have a passion for students and I am incredibly grateful that I get to spend my days working with them. 
I have 4 amazing boys in the Nampa school district so I can see both the educator and parent perspectives. I hold a bachelor's degree in Social Work that I used to help families with children living with disabilities when I first graduated from college. I served as an advocate and a resource for families as they navigated the road of nurturing a child with special needs. While I did eventually move careers to become a teacher, I believe wholeheartedly that my experience in social work has contributed to the educator that I am today. 
I then moved on to the education field with a master's degree in teaching here at Sherman.  I was privileged to teach first grade, second grade, and fourth grade before becoming Sherma's instructional coach.  As an instructional coach, I was able to support teachers in helping students reach their goals. 
I am incredibly thankful to get to serve Sherman Elementary as the principal and as I always say, "Gators never leave the swamp, once a Gator, always a Gator."