Sherman has partnered with Pathways Counseling to be able to provide on-site mental health services for students. If you are interested in services for your child, please contact Hailey McCormick, School Counselor, at [email protected] or call the main office at 208-468-4628. 
In addition to individual counseling, Pathways provides many other services to families at their office including:
* CBRS: Focuses on skill building at home and out in the community. 
* Case Management: Provides assistance with accessing resources out in the community.
* Targeted Care Coordination: Focuses on wrap around services and is required for all children who receive services under the YES program and/or are receiving respite care.
* Peer Support (Youth & Adult): A recovery support service provided by a certified specialist whom utilizes their training, lived experience, and knowledge to promote recovery and resiliency. 
* Family Support: A service that is provided by a certified partner who has also been a caregiver to a child with a mental health diagnosis. Through their training and lived experience they help develop self-advocacy and resiliency.
* Respite Care: A service designed to provide short term care for youth with serious emotional disturbances provided in the least restrictive environment. Provides relief for caretakers and is aimed at de-escalation of stressful situations.
Family Therapy: A service designed to focus on the needs of the family and typically takes place on a regularly scheduled basis with a counselor who is knowledgable about and trained on addressing family dynamics. 
* Group Therapy: A service that has been proven to be effective working with a variety of issues. 
* Medication Management: The evaluation and monitoring of psychiatric medications prescribed to manage symptoms.