2022-2025 Apple Distinguished School

Sherman Gators

We're pleased to be recognized as an Apple Distinguished School for 2022-2025 for our use of Apple technology as part of our STEM implementation.

Sherman Stem

Sherman Elementary is a STEM Focus School in the Nampa School District. With our STEM approach to learning, students in Kindergarten through 5th Grade start the pathway to college and career readiness.  Challenge-Based Learning guides our students to work collaboratively in their exploration using real-world scenarios to accomplish their task.  Our staff also strives to build strong relationships with our students so we can reach them where they are, not only academically, but socially as well.  By combining our STEM approach with the relationships formed with the staff, students are able to experience a unique but impactful true-learning experience.  


The mission of Sherman Elementary School is to affirm and inspire each and every student to learn and thrive as creators of THEIR future world.  Our teachers employ scientifically-based strategies that cultivate students’ ability to think inside and outside current experiences.  Because of our ongoing partnership with Boise State University, we have increased our capacity to engage students and teachers with new and innovative learning styles. By integrating Apple technology, we are able to create, enhance, and experience new learning opportunities that our students would not otherwise have access to.


Sherman NSD Board Presentation


1st Grade App Creation (2021)

Sherman CEI 2022

Student Recording

At Sherman Elementary, we use technology to facilitate learning and understanding in everything we do. Technology has been an integral part of becoming a STEM-focused school. Since the use of our iPads, we have noticed a significant increase in engagement and participation. With speech-to-text, split screen and other accessibility features, students are able to make learning personal. Through the use of technology, students are able to deepen collaboration and learn from varied partners and teams.


Spring STEM Showcase 2022


STEM Family Night

Apple Classroom and Apple TV have proven to be invaluable with our community of learners. Both educators and students are benefitted by having the ability to provide instant feedback and share student work efficiently. 

Learning platforms and various coding apps have inspired our students to become leaders in the classroom. When students run into challenges while coding, they initiate collaboration with their peers to find solutions. Our students enrich their learning by teaching others innovative ways to display their learning and how to navigate though new platforms.

In these platforms, students have been able to create apps, design video games, code robots, develop original music and so much more. In Makerspace students have used technology to code “Mars rovers” and other robotic devices. Using a green screen, music students created a digital theatrical performance to complement their live music performance. In classrooms, students are using platforms to animate the food chain, to solve conflicts on the playground, and to assist in daily learning activities. 


2nd Grade Math Example


The climate of our school has completely evolved through this technological journey. Our teachers' capacity for teaching and our students' capacity for learning have dramatically increased. Our students are proud to be Sherman Gators.


By using technology-based curriculum, students have shown an impressive amount of growth.  For example, 1st Grade Reading Proficiency more than doubled over the 2021-2022 school year.  As shown on the graph listed on the link below, overall scores went from 31% to 73%.  Students at Sherman also use a curriculum-based platforms called Lexia Learning to advance their reading skills on a personalized level.  In Kindergarten, overall students started the year with 83% of student below grade level and ended with only 2% below grade level.  Primary grades use drawing apps to represent the value of numbers with math models. The use of technology in the classroom provides a pathway to combine creativity with technology through photography, video recording, music composition and exploration.  To read further about our school-wide data, please see this webpage.

What's Next

We will develop coding throughout the school to get a base of coding language abilities across K-5. As shown in the First Grade App Creation video, coding is a focus at Sherman.  We believe that every student has the capability to code and deserves the opportunity.  All students K-5, including Special Education students, have multiple exposures to coding in each school year. As our students transition to middle school STEM programs, we want them to be prepared for success while developing the skills to be leaders in their schools.


West Fusion


We believe that technology can and does have a great impact on teaching but more importantly the learning of our students. Our team will continue to research new and improved methods to engage staff and students in innovative learning.  We’ll also continue to write grants to support access to tools and devices that otherwise would not be available for our students.



Sherman Elementary "A Parent Perspective"



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