Mr. Robertson

Mr. Robertson's webpage

Hi everyone.  I am Mr. Robertson and I am the Physical Education teacher here at Sherman Elementary.  I started midyear last year January.  I have been teaching for 16+ years.  Now that I am at Sherman I can say I have taught at all 3 levels in public education; High School, Middle School and now Elementary.

Joining the Sherman Gator team has been awesome.  The kids are the best I have ever had, and the community has been great.  My goal her at Sherman is for every student to discover the enjoyment in being physically active.  Sports and recreation hit all three domains, psychomotor, cognitive, and affective.  No other subject in school does that.  Hopefully during their time here with me they learn to appreciate the benefits of being physically active and continue after they leave Sherman.


If you would like to contact me my email is [email protected]