All about me

This is my second year teaching at Sherman. Before moving to Idaho, I taught music in Los Angeles, California for almost 13 years. I began my career in education a bit later than most because I was busy raising my four children. I've always loved music, beginning with piano lessons as a child. I love to sing, too, and have directed and sung in many choirs and small groups. When I was teaching in California, I had a wonderful time developing after school choral programs and working with a children's theater group. 
Now that my children have grown up, my husband and I are keeping busy with lots of outdoor activities. I started skiing and biking now that we live in Idaho. And we did some camping in Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons over summer vacation. I also got to spend lots of time with my kids who live far away! Two live in Los Angeles, one lives in Colorado and one lives in Chicago!! I even became a grandma last month. It was a busy, busy summer. 
As busy as I was, I kept thinking about my Sherman students.  It's been way too long since we've been able to be together. I am excited about the upcoming year because I know we're going to pull together to make it a great experience by being filled with optimism, joy and lots of learning! We have been exploring new ways to teach and I know our students are ready to dive in and grow, too. Let's start this adventure! 
Contact Information:
208-468-2852 ext. 2852
While we are in our Hybrid learning phase, the students will be rotating through their specials on a weekly basis. When they are in the school building (Monday/Thursday OR Tuesday /Friday), they come to the same special (Music, Library, Makerspace or P.E.) on both days. There will also be a short lesson from the same special teacher found in OTUS for the students that learning from home.  Wednesday will remain the same, with no new assignments. We are so happy to see students back in the building! 
This week 11/23-11/24, the following classes will have Music as their special:
Kinder: N/A
1st: Plaschka
2nd: Lasnik
3rd: York
4th: Fisher
5th: Sonnen