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Kindergarten is a Hoot!

Teaching kindergarten has been a dream come true.  Everyday I wake up knowing that I get to spend my day doing what I love, encouraging the youngest members of our society to dream big and pursue greatness!  I use to dream of being a college professor, a lawyer, psychologist, surgeon, and/or a medical doctor.  However, the day I walked into a preschool classroom of 4 year olds and learned that no greater mind than that of a young child exists, one that is open to observation, questioning, and desire for "knowing," I never turned back.  Everyday, I get to learn from my students and watch the whole world as it is being conquered and pursued by inquisitive 5 and 6 year olds. It truly is, living the dream!
Not only do I get to work with inquiring minds all day but I also get the pleasure of raising my own two little explorers.  My daughter is a future TV reporter, technical mastermind, movie maker, and vlogging genius.  She creates many of the classroom resources I use to inspire my students.  She is also incredibly sensitive and always wants to bring out the best in others.  My son is a future NASA or world renowned scientist and inventor.  He in constantly experimenting and creating all types of fantastic creations.  He can build and create incredible robots from recycled material.  He is the brains behind my classroom logistics.  He thinks in patterns, codes, and languages most people need a translator to interpret.
To prepare me for this wonderful adventure, I received my bachelors degree in Blended Early Childhood Education from Boise State University.  My degree allows me to teach both general and special education.  This gives me the beautiful opportunity to teach an inclusive classroom most school years.  I am currently a graduate student at BSU in the Mathematical Thinking for Instruction Mathematics Consulting Teacher Endorsement program and am pursuing my masters degree in Curriculum and Instruction.
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