Grade 4

Welcome to the 4th grade section.  Please use the navigation to the left to go to your teacher's web site.

Here is what we are working on in 4th grade:

Fundraiser- Students are currently selling coupon books for $20.00 each. These profits will be used to help fund a field trip at the end of the school year. Please remember to bring the student copy of the coupon book and all orders back by December 4th 2015. Classroom that brings back all the order forms (even if no orders are listed) will receive a party. 

Multiplication Facts- Students are working towards building an ice cream sundae my learning their multiplication facts. Certificates are going to be sent home on Mondays along with homework when your student passes a group of multiplication facts. Our ice cream celebration will be held on December 9th 2015. Parents are welcome to come and celebrate with your student for all their hard work.