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Sherman Summer Reading Club
Posted on 06/02/2017
Sherman Summer Reading Club

                            SHERMAN SUMMER
                               READING CLUB!

During the summer month's kids often don't get enough time reading .  This contributes to something called the  "summer slide."  The summer slide results in kids returning to school in the fall having lost some of the skills that they gained in the previous year.  Sherman would like to help combat the summer slide.

This summer we will have teacher volunteers at East Side Park to read with kids from 12:00-1:30pm.  This time and place will coincide with the summer feeding program.  Kids that come and read for at least 20 min. will receive an Otter Pop.  If your child is not yet reading we will also have sight word and ABC cards for them to practice.  Come over and enjoy a good book with Sherman Elementary and keep your kiddos at the top of their game!

Since teachers are volunteering their time, there may be days that we cannot get a volunteer to the park.  In this case there will be no reading club that day.